30 people signed the petition since July 07, 2013

Signatures for Petition to deny wet zoning request for Field House-308 S Howard Ave

ID First Name Last Name Comments Current Street Address
1 DaveLarsen Vice President, Courier City Oscawana Neighborhood Association 602 S. Albany Ave
2 TimothyGlisson, President Courier City/Oscawana Neighborhood Association   2001 W. De Leon St. #1
3 MichaelYustick Treasurer, Courier City/Oscawana Neighborhood Assoc. 305 S. Melville Ave.
4 LeonardoGuim   211 S Moody Av No 2
5 PaulaStahel I've gone on record by e-mail letter and in person against this zoning request, and do so once again. 308 S. Albany Ave.
6 LisaBirnbaum    
7 GregMcCoskey   213 S. Moody Ave., #1
8 MichelleLamont   507 S Melville Ave
9 JohnPessano   4603 S Gaines Road
10 HankBrown   304 S. Howard Ave.